No signs to show different car parks

My granddaughter had the same parking problem at Polegate.

She is 30 and a new driver and has never used the car park before (and never again) she works in London and has to catch the 7.o5am train.

On 28th Nov she parked her car in the long term area of the car park numbers 1-12. She parked in lane 8. She tried to phone to pay for parking but couldnt, so went to the meter and paid £5.50 for the day.

On 12th Dec, she did the same again and parked in long term lane 10. Again she couldn’t pay by mobile so again she paid £5.50 for the day.

Two weeks later, my granddaughter received a letter to say she had two parking fines for £60 each and if they wasn’t paid within 14 days, they would be £100 each. She was so shocked as she had proof of her parking with the receipts. So she appealed. She took photos of the receipts and of the lanes in which she parked and sent them to the company. They wrote back and said she had parked in the wrong area of the car park, and if she didn’t pay, the fines they would take her to court. So she paid them. She had no idea at all, like everybody else who’s been conned, that there are 2 different car parks at Polegate.

I think it’s disgusting that they can con people in this way. It’s a way of getting easy money from the public. There are no signs to suggest there are 2 different car parks.

Linda Pesci