No thought for what public want

THE district council’s planners appear to go along with anything the developers want to build with no thought in mind of what the public want eg the incinerator and Asda store. McKays has gone as business in the town is no longer profitable. We already have Sainsbury, Co-op and Lidle. Barclays Bank has gone and there are no building societies, post office, not convenient for people in Denton and South Heighton. Roads are now gridlocked with the Newhaven bridge. Newhaven is a small town and will not cope for the future years. There is no incentive to build something for the young people, like a cinema which was once in Newhaven, a thriving town with many shops long before the giants started to rule the world. The shops that stand empty make no revenue for the town and the towns will be swallowed up in the near future with only cake shops and coffee shops. We know there is global warming on the planet, this should be a warning to everyone concerned. The continued volumes of waste is generated by modern-day supermarkets where food is now mostly imported from other countries thus accumulating the waste we have today.

Mrs D Myles, South Heighton.