No way to treat our wounded war heroes

Soldiers on return from active service in Afghanistan take part in parades in front of local dignitaries. If a soldier has lost an arm or leg the chances are that he would have passed through Headley Court Rehabilitation Centre and then will be discharged as being unfit for further service.

On returning to civilian life it is more than likely he will obtain a disabled car park permit for which, if he lives in Kent or East Sussex, he will have to pay £10.

Is this the way to treat our wounded ex-soldiers?

It is hoped that the newly elected members of county councils will change the rules regarding wounded disabled ex-soldiers having to pay for disabled car park permits.

It would appear that previous county councillors in Kent and East Sussex were disinterested in the welfare of local wounded ex-soldiers on their return to civilian life. The loss of revenue for these permits would be minimal but it would at least show that the community cared.

Graham Allt