Norman did his job phenomenally well

I worked for Norman Baker for just five of the 18 years that he served the people of the Lewes constituency and I am both baffled and a little bit heartbroken that local people decided not to re-elect him on May 7.

Perhaps you have to have worked alongside an MP as dedicated as Norman to understand the commitment, passion and sheer graft that goes into doing the job as phenomenally well as he did.

I can only imagine that those people in Lewes, Seaford, Newhaven and Polegate who chose to express their disappointment with the Coalition Government by voting for Labour or the Green Party did not realise quite how much they had to lose.

Now represented by a Conservative MP and a Conservative government I hope that those voters will reflect on this election and recognise that they have lost an MP who genuinely loved his constituency.

An MP who did his very best to use his significant parliamentary influence and political talents for the good of local people and a man of complete and utter integrity.


Former researcher to Norman Baker