North Street plans - what about flooding?

The plans for North Street in Lewes look exciting, but has no one remembered the floods we have in the area every 40 years?

Many will remember the devastation of 2000, when Landport estate was flooded, many homes were ruined, and lots of businesses in the Cliffe and surrounding area were devastated. Culverwells was flooded to a height of 14ft.

In 1960, residents of Cliffe High Street were being rescued by boat from the upper floors of their homes, considerable amounts of ballast was washed away from the railway line between Lewes and Uckfield, rendering the train service unusable for weeks, if not months, and Barcombe Mills flooded 16 times during the winter months.

If the present plans go ahead and keep to schedule, we shall have 19 years before the next extensive flood comes along, Then what?

Mrs Gillian Warren