Not all oppose wind turbine

And so the Glyndebourne wind turbine has finally arrived. After all the hot air and anger, we have a tall new visitor in our midst.

Having talked to a lot of the locals who have been visiting the site since the turbine parts arrived, there seems genuine excitement and strongly positive views being expressed. Yet no one in favour of the turbine was quoted in your story last week. Does that really reflect local opinion when many people in nearby Ringmer are strongly in favour?

Tony Parker has had a good innings and always gets plenty of coverage. Now that the turbine is here, maybe he should shift his focus to another campaign to use up all his spare energy – bringing a nuclear or coal power plant to Newhaven for instance. Or what are his alternatives to wind and other renewables?

For all the silent majority who know in their hearts that our climate is in big trouble and we are desperately late in getting non-carbon emitting alternatives up and running, I say – welcome to the wind turbine. Within 12 months, I predict it will be seen as a friend in the community, much favoured by walkers who will wonder what all the fuss was about.

Stewart Boyle, Ringmer