Not all single mums are teenagers

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I read Peter Brown’s letter (December 14) with mounting disbelief at first, then realised it must be a ‘Christmas Carol’ parody.

But if by chance it was sincere, I would make a few points in response.

Firstly, it is the case that not all single mothers are teenagers who ‘have babies to enable them to get a flat’.

Some quite mature mothers find themselves without male support, for a variety of reasons. Also I think that, if he contacted Lewes District Council, he would discover that there really aren’t dozens of vacant council flats waiting to be allocated to single mothers.

But lastly, could he consider that, if his own father had died, or abandoned his mother, when Mr Brown was a child, would he have been happy to be brought up in an ‘encampment suitable for multiple occupation ...supervised by a matronly figure?’ They used to be called workhouses.

Not so much ‘A Christmas Carol’ as ‘Oliver Twist’.

J Holkar