Not interested in his local service

Cllr Sheppard’s letter to the paper shows he is not interested in his local bus services.

Other councillors have taken a different view. When the cuts were first announced many council members got lobbying. In Alfriston the Conservative council member managed to save all the services in his constituency, and the Lib-Dem member for Ringmer and Bridge did nearly as well. But it does not appear that Cllr Sheppard did anything at all. All the subsidised services in his area suffered cuts. As a result of negotiations only seven services have been reduced to running on two days a week only, and two of those are in his constituency. The Chailey and Ditchling area is one of the worst hit areas for bus cuts.

Cllr Sheppard is standing for re-election for his district council seat in May.

All the other candidates are likely to come from parties that opposed the bus cuts. I hope the electors take note.

Chris Smith