Not just 70 new homes for Herstmonceux but 140

Regarding construction at Lime Cross, in your interview, the developer refers to the Wealden quota of 70 houses in their attempt to justify this proposal.

Wealden have indeed stated the parish needs to accommodate 70 houses.

However, Barton Wilmore are disingenuous in their statement, knowing full well that a parish meeting last year affirmed that the 70 houses they plan to construct at Lime Cross are not actually being taken into account against the quota, and therefore, if this plan goes ahead Herstmonceux will find itself not with 70 houses, but at least 140 houses. Add to this the possible approval of Lime Roughs and we are looking at close to 200 additional homes. This would constitute a 15 percent increase in households across the entire parish – 1,225 at last census – all burdened on one village.

If any of the 300+ objection letters relating to this proposal have been read by either BW, Wealden or the council, they would appreciate that the local housing need for the parish will be more than satisfied by a handful of homes, and any ‘economic benefit’ will be limited to the developers and the land-owner.

It is curious that this application is being recommended by the parish council against the clear will of the parishioners whose interests they are charged with.

Mr A M Krag