Not surprised over link road delay

Regarding the latest news concerning the link road, being one that works in the construction industry I was not surprised at the announcement by East Sussex County Council (ESCC) that the road will miss its planned opening date of May 2015.

Crossing the Combe Haven open section within a planned time frame is totally dependent on weather conditions and as the spokesperson from ESCC stated, funding would have been set aside within the budget to cover problems over the winter period.

With last two years of high rainfall it is not surprising there are delays in completing the road. However as a West St Leonards resident of many years whether it opens in May 2015 or May 2016 is fairly irrelevant. The relief on traffic numbers on the Bexhill Road is open to debate, by the very title of the project ‘link road’ it serves only to link King Offa Way to Queensway and vice versa. It is not a by-pass and it will do as it was always intended to do, open up greenfield land for development.

So the May 2015 deadline will be missed but not to worry, there’s always another May and there will always be a high volume of traffic on Bexhill Road, link road open or not.

G Morris

Bexhill Road

St Leonards