Not sustainable development

I AM a customer of Ersham Farm’s produce and would like to point out that this proposed development is not in line with current UK planning recommendations because of the special nature of what this farm represents.

“Sustainable development” is defined as development which does not put the needs of future generations at risk.

This housing development is not in line with the sustainable development concept. The reason is that Ersham Farm produces some very special food – not mass produced low quality produce, but the type of produce which is at the very heart of the new movement towards “slow food’, close to organic quality, locally grown for local people.

Hugely popular TV programmes like the Great British Menu, and all of Britain’s celebrity chefs are champions of this movement.

Quite simply, to replace Ersham Farm with a housing project is not a sustainable development as it will deprive future generations of a source of quality locally grown food.

Farmers are struggling enough already in these difficult times to make a living where they have to compete with cheap and nasty supermarkets.

I would like to suggest that the people who object to this planning proposal actually try to help support farming in their community by buying more farm produce. It is available at Hailsham Farmers Market, at Sharnfold Farm Shop and direct from Ersham Farm.

Linda Grace, Hailsham