Of Tories and their maths?

Your correspondent, Angela Wigglesworth, is of the view that the Conservative Party is having a problem with mathematics. Closer scrutiny, however, would suggest that Ms Wigglesworth is the victim of a temporal malfunction.

She cites correctly the statistic that Norman Baker had a majority of 7,647 at the last General Election.

This event took place in 2010 whereas we have now advanced into 2015. lf Ms Wigglesworth examines current polling, she will discover that Mr Baker’s advantage has been virtually wiped out. Consequently, a Tory claim that another 140 votes would bring their party victory is probably not wide of the mark.

Moreover, the momentum is now with the Tory candidate, Maria Caulfield, whose personality, compassion and constructive vision for the Lewes constituency augur well for her success on May 7th.

Michael J Richards