Off-shore wind farm is sheer lunacy

Open letter to Maria Caulfield.

Last week (‘Why I supported the wind farm’) you endorsed the massive new Rampion offshore turbine development covering more than 60 square miles of the English Channel. Each turbine 200 ft higher than Blackpool Tower and visible from Beachy Head to the Isle of Wight.

As I approached voting age, my working class father encapsulated his political philosophy thus: “Labour always leaves the country broke”. At this time, the height of the Cold War, we also faced an obvious ‘clear and present danger’. So it was quite natural for me to embrace traditional, low-key Toryism centred on freedom and self-sufficiency for individuals and on economic prudence.

My natural affinity lasted 46 years but reached breaking point prior to the 2010 general election when I resigned my Conservative Party membership. The critical factors were the absence of sound policies relating to the EU and to energy. One ludicrous feature, linking both, was an irrational belief that industrial wind turbines represent a solution to our energy and environmental needs. The reverse is true, yet this policy is being pursued at vast cost to current and future generations.

The arguments have been presented in easily digestible form by Christopher Booker in his article ‘Lunacy on Sea’ analysing the economic and environmental aspects of massive offshore turbine development:

I suggest that you read Booker’s article and follow this with three monographs that should be required reading for all aspiring MPs: Lord Lawson’s ‘A Cool Look at Global Warming’, Dr John Etherington’s ‘The Wind Farm Scam’ and Rupert Darwall’s ‘The Age of Global Warming’. The latter details forensically how ill informed politicians got us into this mess in the first place.

As you will have grasped, I feel unable to offer you my support on May 7, 2015.

Dr Tony Parker