Old hands could learn thing or two on council

I realise that you have a lot of pages to fill,but do you except small informative letters ,as some of them in last week’s issue (May 31) do go on a bit to the point when I’ve had to go back to the beginning to remind myself what they are on about.

My small addition is a big thanks to Cllr Peter Charlton (UKIP) who I approached this week with a problem. In just three days he had contacted me ,visited and resolved my problem. I’ve never ever received service like that from any other councillor in my past dealings with County Hall, and my self-styled parish council took three months to confirm an email. That’s when I deleted them from my contact list.

So once again, thank you Mr Peter Charlton though your the new boy on the block the old hands could learn a thing or two on how to look after us elect fodder.

Mick Holbrow

South Heighton