Only one choice for real change

Cllr Sarah Osborne (letters, February 13) writes about a Conservative councillor complaining about the Tory cuts to bus services.

This would be the party with which Cllr Osborne’s party (the LibDems) so eagerly jumped into bed with to form the Coalition.

Typical LibDems opportunism! As with Norman Baker who was happy to be a minister in a Tory-led Government until it was time to abandon the sinking ship and scuttle back to the constituency claiming the present shambles has nothing to do with him. Come the General Election, the Lewes Constituency electorate, we are led to believe, have a stark choice – either the Tories or their lapdogs. If neither of these un-appetising options work for you, then you should vote UKIP and see the back of them both. UKIP is the party of and for the people. In fact, if you want real change and not more of the same, UKIP is the only choice.

Ray Finch MEP

UKIP Lewes Parliamentary Candidate