Only one party ahead of the curve

Last week you published lengthy letters from Edmunds, Beck and Charlton.

They were reacting against the LibDem position on climate change, turbines and the latest IPCC report. I support the thrust of those letters but fear that they fail to recognise a crucial development.

In 2008 Lord Lawson published his monograph “An appeal to reason – a cool look at global warming”. It contained an impressive analysis of the (then) science and economics and offered an approach for policymakers.

Now fast-forward to the 2014 IPCC report. Setting aside the ‘Summary for Policymakers’, a post-hoc layer of pure scaremongering added by national spin doctors, the essence of the report is to downplay the need for vastly expensive ‘mitigation’ (eg turbines) and to embrace resilience and adaptation as and when our climate varies. This would massively reduce the costs to UK taxpayers and all energy users while enhancing our energy security.

Astonishingly, this strategy mirrors Lawson’s 2008 analysis.

It will take most political parties some time to grasp this shift. In time more Conservative MPs might see that Lawson was spot-on in 2008. But at present there is just one party that is ahead of the curve – UKIP.

Dr Tony Parker