Only the council will benefit from Seaford tip closure, not the public

It is with great sadness to hear of the closure of the Seaford tip. It will be a significant cost to the people of Seaford having to go on two round trips three miles each way to the tip at Newhaven.

This is a hidden cost incurring extra petrol to the residents where savings for the councils will be made, but not for the people. The convoy of vehicles daily will result in long queues at the tip.

We all thought that the councils were eco-friendly reducing air pollution in Newhaven. This plan has not been thought through with people in mind. We have to tolerate the incinerator with the air pollution at night. This will require that the tip be full up daily and lorries disposing of the waste quicker to prevent the overload at the tip.

Constant burning from tons of extra waste will result in poor quality air in Newhaven for future years to come.

This drain on our waste is the processing and packaging, transported to this country to all the supermarkets. It is a drain on fuel resources and adds to our pollution problems.

Mrs D Myles,

South Heighton.