Only UKIP is truly democratic

Cllr Saunders (Express July 11) uses UKIP Cllr Howson’s appointments, associated income and apparent relationship with the Tories, and Cllr (‘Flip Flop’) Adeniji’s return to the Tory fold following a brief absence as an Independent, to question their, and their respective party’s, trustworthiness. It is refreshing to note that UKIP, unlike the Tories and LibDems, operates ‘a no whip vote with your conscience’ policy to enable its councillors to represent more fairly those that elected them. Democracy doesn’t seem to feature in the vocabulary of the three stale Parties at any level of government. Only UKIP has the will and the freedom to restore democracy to this country. At the national level this means an exit from the EU dictatorship not least in part to respect those who gave their lives for our freedom; and at the local level so that whether or not council tax should be spent on the ‘Hastings Link Road’ or ‘desperately needed bus services’ can be decided by councillors who are free to vote as they wish, or free to refer a decision to the tax payers themselves through a local referendum.

One thing for sure is that trustworthiness, honour and democracy obey the law of diminishing returns when applied to the tired old guard. Roll on May 7, 2015 when we urge the people of this constituency and this country to vote for the trustworthy, honourable and democratic alternative.

Cllr Alan Latham

Chairman, UKIP Lewes