Open door policy makes no sense for chain stores

With the recent price hikes, and severe weather events affecting the country, attention is on shops heating the street.

No-one switches on the heating and throws open the door at home – it would send up the bill astronomically and be very uncomfortable.

But over 120 chain stores operating 20K branches across the UK do this. The price goes on goods, so the consumer unwittingly pays.

Worse, the energy wasted causes millions of tons of CO2 to be released each year straight into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming and the severity of weather events like the ones we have seen over the past week.

Add the fact that it is impossible to provide healthy working temperatures with the shop door open when heating is on, and that staff and customers are also exposed to serious long-term health hazards when pollution levels on the street outside the shop are high.

An open door policy makes no sense at all. Thousands of shops across the UK already trade very successfully with the door closed so we know it works.

Customers are all powerful in retail and can help by closing doors wherever they go, supporting shops that close the door, leaving a polite word with staff, and even by insisting that the door is closed before handing over their hard-earned money. Also by going to and joining the campaign on Facebook and Twitter to make the message louder.

The Close the Door campaign is business friendly, and relies on hard data out of Cambridge University engineering department on energy loss, and Edinburgh University/King’s College London on air pollution.

Jeannie Dawkins

Director, Close the Door