Open letter to the developers at Eversley Court, Dane Road, Seaford

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Developer’s contribution to Seaford community urged

We are Councillor Sam Adeniji a Lewes District and Seaford Town Councillor and Councillor Cllr Sarah McStravick a long time Seaford resident and Seaford Town Councillor.

You may recall that Sam Adeniji wrote to you in September 2011 imploring you to show goodwill to Seaford by giving something back to the town in the form of a contribution towards an amenity in the town.

It now turns out that you have been unable to find a housing partner to build the ten ‘age restricted’ affordable units agreed as part of your s106 condition.

While we do not doubt that you have taken every reasonable step to find a housing partner willing to commit to developing and managing the affordable element, we hope you will appreciate the disappointment of the people of Seaford in feeling that yet again we have been let down by ‘the system’.

We are therefore writing yet again to implore yourselves to show your goodwill to Seaford by giving something back to the town, in lieu of the s106 agreement. This could be for example, a contribution towards the building of affordable homes elsewhere in the town, s106 for highways (better junction at the station) for example or additional monies for health and social care in the town or open space parks or a contribution towards an amenity in our town.

We hope our letter will meet with a more favourable response second time around. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sam Adeniji &

Sarah McStravick