Opening Polegate to Hailsham railway line a good idea

Interesting to read Michael Clewetts letter last Friday regarding the railway line from Polegate to Hailsham and the possibilities of reopening a track or a tram way.

I do now find more traffic on the roads from Stone Cross to Hailsham. While we thought it was unlikely to be a practical option, I now see more and more traffic problems in the South Wealden area, and now believe we should get the developers on board before any more homes are built.

The government have said we must have the extra homes so they should contribute to the cause with the developers.

A line from platform four in Eastbourne to Hellingly, following the Cuckoo Trail, then from Ersham Road going east to the Hailsham East development area is where a different transport system should go.

I have walked the line with Peter Deacon, a railway enthusiast and Micky Cara from Hailsham Town Council, and we feel this should be looked into to get people off the roads. I did send a letter to Wealden but have not had a reply.

This could be the start of the programme.

Cllr Laurence Keeley