Opposition will continue to development on the Martlets

My husband and I attended the Gradwell Park exhibition at Chailey Village Hall. While appreciating that the latest plans mean the effect of the development on the Martlets and the immediate area is somewhat reduced, the fact remains that nothing else has changed.

1. The area is a greenfield site with abundant wildlife, including a number of birds on the RSPB’s red and amber lists of threatened species.

2. The site and location are completely unsuitable for such a development, even one that is now two-thirds the size of the original plans first submitted five years ago.

3. Nearly 200 traffic movements per day are still anticipated despite the reduction in the size of the development.

4. There will be noise and light pollution.

5. A rural location with virtually no facilities within easy reach is not what the majority of elderly people would be seeking.

These are just some of the reasons why development of this site should continue to be opposed.

Jillian Barnes

South Chailey