Options that avoid demolishing Lewes Magistrate’s Court are best

So here we go yet again. On November 12, another batch of design ‘improvements’ were posted onto the SDNP website – SDNP/14/01650-FUL scroll down through the 375 documents to those added on November 12.

Quora/Juice architects have submitted yet another vast grey edifice design for Premier Inn and shop units to replace the Magistrates’ Court in Friar’s Walk. Still no parking plan, still no demolition plan detail.

At present there are only half a dozen objections to these latest proposals. Quora will claim that this is because people approve of the most recent design.

As there are so many documents, it is difficult to accurately work out exactly what is proposed. I still feel most strongly that no design will be good enough – demolition should not be approved until and unless every other avenue has been thoroughly explored. At present, there are two proposals not involving demolition, one of which is SDNP/14/03805/FUL, the other does not yet appear to have been posted on the site. Please give these your support.

It has been demonstrated that at least some of the members of the South Downs National Park (SDNP) committee are listening to the comments of the people of Lewes. However we need all of them to agree to rescind their decision accepting the principle of demolition and insist on active proposals for re-use of the current building.

Please object – if not to the design then to the waste of a perfectly substantial building that would occur should Quora finally be given approval and demolition take place. There are now two proposals for re-use for community benefit. Please support these.

Eleanor Austin