Original name for pub please

PLEASE may I appeal to those who changed the name of the pub at Warbleton to put it back to its original and proper name The Warbill-in-Tun.

I was born in the cottages just above the pub, along with my brother and two sisters. Bert Sellings was the landlord for many years (the nickname for the pub then was the Automatic Arms) one of his pet phrases ‘Everything automatically boils down to this’.

As children we used to go round the back and have our lemonade and crisps, and later on used the pub for parties, wedding receptions etc.

I worked in the area for many years for builders Collins, they are just down the road at Rushlake Green and one of the oldest established firms in the area.

I am sure that Peter Collins will have something to say about this change of name. He is very interested in the real local history and not that which is being introduced by new-comers to the area.

John Haffenden,