Original Station Road pavement plan in Lewes still flawed

I write in response to Councillor Carl Maynard’s letter (Express, September 26).

Please remember the aim of the Station Street scheme is to improve the pedestrian environment. The area I refer to in this correspondence is sited at the lower end of the street. The extension of an already wide foot path across the camber of the road affects water runoff and creates a blind corner for the new pedestrian crossing. It cuts across a disabled parking bay and creates a disproportionately high curb.

The lower side despite being only 75cm wide was not going to be altered. It is the same side as the station, Priory School and Sussex Downs College, so is much used.

The Highway’s Team are now altering the plan in situ, and widening the narrower pavement. This will not redress the imbalance already created, and contradicts the design team’s concerns about drainage. Station Street has inadequate storm drainage and meddling with water runoff will lead to flooding.

The points I have raised should have been considered when the risk assessment for the development was being carried out. To avoid ongoing costs the raised pavement extension needs to returned to its original state while there is still time.

Blossom Beale