Our county - we’re not easily swayed by spin

It’s reassuring to know that people remain impressed by our “beautiful and vibrant” county (Anthony Becvar, letters, January 18) or what remains unspoilt of it. It is beautiful, certainly – but how long for? Vibrant, indeed – but what vibes?

Much is made of our motto “Wun’t be druv” but the more modern corollary is “Wun’t be impressed”.

We are not easily swayed by slippery politicians, their untrustworthy spin-doctors and bandwagon jumpers.

The traditional definition of Sussex folk is “Sussex born and Sussex bred, strong in the arm and thick in the ‘ead” a proud boast indeed – we may be thick but we aren’t stupid – and we don’t like being told blatant lies.

We question what is glibly presented as fact or truth by those with tubs to thump and vested interests to protect. May I suggest that Mr Becvar might have a stronger case as a Sussex man “born and bred” if he had a name with a proper Sussex lineage stretching back beyond Kipling and Belloc to the Domesday Book.

Isted, Larkin, Turner, Ticehurst – or Hobden, perhaps? And yes, it would be nice to be positive about everything but we can’t all be Pollyannas – at least not all the time...

Clive Hobden