Overflowing bins are a problem

As we are now approaching the next refuse bin collection day, am I to take it that the present situation will not be remedied before then?

That the overflowing bins outside the three blocks framing the playground - as I said previously, as I don’t get out I have no idea if the problem actually extends further afield - with the addition of bins from some of the houses backing onto the adjacent parking area, that were omitted from the last collection definitely will be emptied this week?

And that there will be no snotty letters from the refuse department complaining of the now inevitable side waste?

I thought I should ask as there seems as much likelihood of voluntarily being told as there has been of receiving an explanation of why our bins weren’t emptied in the first place.

Perhaps it was something we said?

Or not putting out the right kind of rubbish?

Or living in the wrong location?

Or just not mattering?

It hardly seems likely that the refuse department will have missed bins in any streets occupied by councillors, so perhaps it is merely a ‘pleb’ thing.

I had wondered why December had been left off the refuse collection calendar. But it honestly never occurred to me that it was because the council simply wasn’t going to bother with it until December 27.

Gail Wright

Willingdon Avenue

St Leonards