Paper has no political bias

I’d just like to say that I for one do not see the Sussex Express as politically biased.

As one who regularly writes letters to your good selves, I know it can be frustrating when we often appear to get ignored if our correspondence doesn’t find its way on to your letters page.

However, I appreciate that there’s only so much you have space for and rely on your judgement to print a fair choice of those received.

On-going exchanges such as those over the wind turbine at Ringmer, the incinerator and West Beach at Newhaven and other local issues are interesting and informative and naturally find favour on your letters pages from time to time. I thank you for your consideration of my letters and those of my colleagues on all sides at council, together with those many sent in by your readers that keep us up to date with what’s going on and how we feel about it.

It’s a great way for us to engage with the community at large and them with us. It promotes lively discussion and debate, which in turn lets our ‘Big Society’ get its message accross on a bigger platform.

Steve Saunders

Town Mayor and District Councillor for Newhaven

Valley Ward