Parish boundary - Hellingly to be distinguished from Hailsham

Recent articles in the Sussex Express have given the impression that both the area south of New Road which recently received planning approval for 460 homes plus associated uses and the Boship Hotel in Lower Dicker fall within Hailsham. They do not. Both are in Hellingly.

The two civil parishes of Hellingly and Hailsham enjoy a good relationship but each has its own administrative area, councillors, civic dignitaries, officers and civic responsibilities. Hellingly, for example, sets its own parish rate for council tax. It is a formal consultee submitting observations to Wealden District Council in respect of planning applications for development within Hellingly.

It administers its own village hall, recreation grounds and allotments and has its own cemetery.

I appreciate that confusion can arise because many areas within Hellingly have a Hailsham postal address, but I would like to put matters straight.

I should add that I am not writing formally on behalf of Hellingly Parish Council but I am a Hellingly resident and have been a parish councillor for Hellingly Parish for many years.

Pat Blake, Hellingly