Parish boundary - Hellingly was not mentioned

I see in last week’s paper that once again this hotel has been featured with its Celebration Lunch for members of Hailsham businesses, Hailsham Mayor and Polegate Mayor. There has been no mention of Hellingly Parish Council, although this hotel is actually in our parish. I feel it is at the best discourteous to ignore the local parish, who might also be able to promote the hotel and increase business.

I took up the invitation in last week’s paper to have a free tea and tour of the hotel. A lot of time, money and thought has gone into landscaping the grounds and resurfacing the tennis court and this is definitely a huge improvement and the area round the pond makes a very relaxing environment.

I was also shown three bedrooms, which it was explained were due to be refurbished, but they were large airy rooms, just the sort of place I might decide to put visitors up in.

Gill Hesselgrave