Park and ride might solve Uckfield’s parking problems

Last Saturday, I attended the Uckfield traffic improvement exhibition in the civic centre.

The only positive idea to be proposed was the car park at the station, as this will be funded by contributions from existing developments in Uckfield. Parking should be free.

If parking fees are instigated, rail commuters will continue to park on the industrial estate and side roads of residential areas. The car park will then become a white elephant.

By removing limited car parking in the High Street – about 45 car spaces – High Street shops could suffer a drop in revenue, especially the newsagents and take aways.

The loss of those spaces will cause more parking problems in the town as the Luxford car park is usually full by 11am during the week days.

If the pavements are going to be made wider, will the road become narrower. Any vehicles

parked on the High Street will cause more chaos.

More bike stands are going to be provided in the town. Who rides a bike in the town? We have some of the steepest hills in Sussex. With the possibility of up to 1, 200 houses to be built in Uckfield in the near future, which could generate at least another 1,500 plus cars, Uckfield will just become grid locked.How about park and ride?

Mel Sanders