Parking overload

IT is clear that parking problems in Lewes will continue to arise further and further out, as the Parking Control Zone in the centre of town is progressively widened, like the ripples in a pool when something is thrown in.

The situations in Bell Lane and Cranedown, to mention but two, are witness to this.

In Bell Lane, the continuous line of roadside parking has simply moved out into the highway, restricting the useable road width to a dangerous degree, following bollards being installed in the verge some weeks ago.

In Cranedown, the next location going toward Kingston, the entrance roadway gets regularly parked up solidly for its total length every weekday (apart from weekends when a match or social event takes place at the Stanley Turner Ground) much to the annoyance and inconvenience at times of local residents.

In both cases, this most probably is caused by County Hall employees in the main unable to park at or near their work.

So far, we have seen no remedial action by the County Highways Department, though I am told that some minimal measures for Cranedown are shortly to be discussed with county officers.

Let us hope that this bears fruit in some suitable form. The problem of course emanates basically from the obvious lack of an adequate amount of public parking in the centre of Lewes.

Due directly to this, the problem simply travels outward in ever-increasing circles until presumably it can go no further.

Having regard to the steady increase in private car use year on year, despite all the well-intentioned exhortations for people to switch to public transport, this seems likely to continue.

Limited local improvements may help to some extent, and are to be welcomed, but they are only symptoms of a rather deeper malaise in terms of total public parking provision in the town, which shows signs of complete overload.

Michael Parfect, Lewes