Party leaflet outlines long term vision

My nationally approved leaflet outlines Labour’s long term vision while our manifesto contains the detail of government over the next five years.

In letters last week (“Party leaflet...”) a council candidate for the Greens complained that my literature was too visionary. Attention was drawn, quite rightly, to my passionate beliefs in free education at all levels, tackling climate change, nationalised railways, regulated energy companies and an integrated NHS and social care system.

The reality is, that it’s irresponsible for a party with an intention to form the next government to put forward a ‘wish-list’ without indicating the steps to be taken and the funding to achieve this. The director of the respected Institute of Fiscal Studies describes the Green Party as ‘playing into a wider narrative that there is a magic money tree that we can pluck at will. There isn’t.’

Labour has a clear and costed plan for the next Parliament. In education, transport, energy, health and social care we will begin to take measured, well considered steps to end austerity and restore our public services.

If elected I will stand by my beliefs to represent the Lewes Constituency in Parliament and to the Labour Party in Government. And yes, Mr Rowell, I will continue to campaign for nuclear disarmament, as part of the cross party group of MPs and peers in the CND.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle for MP

Lewes and Seahaven Labour Party