Pathetic turnout in Eastbourne at adaption of favourite TV series

On Saturday, July 19, my wife and I went to see the Bill Kenwright stage production of “All Creatures Great & Small” at the Devonshire Park Theatre in Eastbourne, intrigued as to how they would adapt a favourite TV Series from 1978 to 1990 to the stage.

The adventures of James, Siegfried and his easy going brother Tristan Farnon, were brought to life alongside the unique characters - and animals - that lived and worked on the Yorkshire Moors in that era.

However, as one of mature age who remembers the TV series well, watched by millions in this country and sold widely across the world, why was there such a pathetic turnout to see this wonderful production. The theatre was barely 20 percent filled and the theatre holds 936 patrons.

Having lived in Seaford for some 30 years, I believe that those who work in the Eastbourne Theatres bring us a great variety of shows, for all tastes, to all the Eastbourne Theatres in the town throughout the year, easily accessible from all towns nearby.

Come on all you theatre goers, that Saturday was a lovely evening to go to the theatre and I would urge you to “Use It or Lose It” – the ball is in your court!

David S Chester