Patronising attitude misses the point

Newhaven port
Newhaven port

As a Newhaven resident I was interested to read your article on dust and sound levels at the Newhaven port (Friday, March 22).

I’m afraid I found the response from Cllr Julian Peterson (Con – Seaford East) fairly typical when discussing anything to do with Newhaven.

Obviously, he has absolutely no understanding of the problems facing Newhaven residents. “It is like a story of people moving to the country and complaining about the smell of manure.”

This Seaford councillor’s patronising attitude is unhelpful but also misses the point.

This scrap pile with its noise and dust pollution has increased massively in the past few years.

Just to keep repeating the old mantra about ‘working ports’ achieves nothing.

I can smell manure alright, but it’s not coming from the countryside.

Steve Floor

Badgers Close,