Peeling back Lewes District Council’s big bureaucratic onion

I am writing with regard to Lewes District Council’s Special Expenses imbroglio, where Lewes residents are being forced to pay other regions’ Open Spaces tax.

Residents like myself are increasingly concerned that LDC’s lack of transparency regarding this matter could mask individual councillors’ disregard for their statutory democratic duties.

LDC’s inability to address a matter as potentially serious and damaging as this is breathtaking. Instead, they have left it to individual residents and a few independent councillors to painstakingly peel back the bureaucratic layers of what is becoming a very big onion indeed. Politicians are quick to call for the naming and shaming of individual members of the public.

In the run-up to the local government elections in May, maybe that principle could also be applied to LDC by publicising which way each councillor voted on this issue?

Frank Landamore