Pensioners - we need a level playing field

In the past few weeks various politicians have made comments to the effect that most pensioners should lose winter fuel payments, bus passes and TV licences.

In these recessionary times, all sections of the community should shoulder their responsibility for the country’s financial pressures.

To target pensioners is quite wrong.

We have politicians who are still claiming vast sums of money for incidentals that you and I would never be able to claim for under HMRC rules.

Council tax bands go from A to H with the lowest band in Lewes District being £1,000 and the highest £3,000 , should not these bands be extended from H to Z nationwide and over a period of time a true council tax be applied to the value of the larger properties.

Child Tax Credits are extremely generous with well-off people being able to claim the credits. When one sees on the television a family complaining that if their Child Tax Credit was taken away they would not be able to afford a new car and to go on a second foreign holiday that year.

If that is the case then politicians should seriously consider all benefits to all sections of the population and come to a fair and reasonable solution. Not a biased one as is the case at the moment.

John Adams