Petition for change in maintenance of Seaford beach

I very much welcome and support Norman Baker’s latest attempt to get the EA round a table to discuss the perilous condition of Seaford beach.

Mr Baker has tried, and through no fault of his, failed several times over the past few years, and at the highest level within the EA, for a re-consideration of its so called “shingle re-alignment” strategy, which has now so spectacularly failed.

I and others stand ready to input local knowledge and experience of Seaford Beach into any debate that hopefully will now surely have to take place.

For myself, I am in the process of developing yet another idea (all previous suggestions having been discounted on the basis of cost) for a more self sustaining and reduced maintenance approach, one based on a mix of both hard and soft elements.

When ready I will seek comment on my proposal from Mr Baker, Seaford Town Council and of course, the EA.

In the meantime would readers, if they have not already done so, please sign the petition calling for a change in beach maintenance to be found in the Old Plough in Church Street and add to the 3000+ signatures already recorded. The more we shout on this, the more easily our voice will be heard – we owe this to our children and the future prosperity of Seaford itself.

Jim Skinner