Phoenix Quarter in Lewes - It’s just ‘urban decay’, not art

Having checked the date at the top of last week’s Letters Page and satisfied myself that it wasn’t still April 1,

I am indebted to your correspondent, Mr and/or Ms Berkish, for their persuasive contribution strengthening (if unintentionally) the argument in favour of the rapid demolition of the shabby, un-chic, post-industrial decayed urban Health & Safety nightmare that is the Phoenix/North Street Commune.

Is this the best that our Spartist-LentilArt brethren can come up with as regards the site’s artistic importance? The clear implication is “We like dirt, rust, unroadworthy vehicles, graffiti, weeds and rubbish, they’re cool.”

As for wishing to uproot or deny a nascent creative industry (obviously a definition of “industry” we’ve not previously come across) I plead not guilty.

Only weeds, vermin and parasites flourish on a dungheap; if you like living and working in a tip, then that sort of creativity will surely flourish on any old pile of refuse.

Being able to tell the difference between the original garbage and the newly created junk is the trick.

Warhol was spot on. “Art is whatever you can get away with.” Some artists have spent the past 40 years feverishly emulating him; proving him right with more and more extreme works while demanding that we admire their Emperor’s new clothes. The other proven truism that thus comes to mind is “You can fool all of the people some of the time.” I’m just relieved to know that we can’t all be taken in by this sort of nonsense all of the time!

Clive Hobden, Ringmer