Plan is a ‘sham’

We are appalled at the due process of the Revised Development Management Plan.

We believe it to be an unsafe process and a sham. We have written to the program officer dealing with the Revised Development Plan quoting eight points of strong concern over the safeness of this Plan. We have asked that the inspector be advised of this situation.

We have learned that information vital to our ability to convey this information to the Inspector, has been neglected by the program pfficer in not informing us of options and correct due process.

We have been told during these conversations of a council email in relation to our representations which we sent in during the consultation in 2014 being edited and manipulated to point to a different nomenclature. We believe this has

been done to keep information from the inspector. None of the council documentation even mentions the nomenclature for this area:- Speckled Wood.

We have also been told that the program officer will not be looking at the 2012 Consultation as it is not part of the Revised Development Management Plan Consultation. The trust learned recently of a consultation in 2013 that was not

made known to us which received less than 41 representations in total.

We believe this process is not legally safe and we believe this process to be a sham.

We have written to Chief Legal asking to please tell us why this has been done and to what purpose. Will they tell us what they intend to do to convince us that this process is not a sham? We have been told the inspector will not take our

consultation documents which are the original documents from our representations. Surely this is a legal process.

There is to be a pre-hearing meeting to be held at 2pm on Tuesday, October 7 at the Horntye Park Sports Complex, Bohemia Road. This meeting is open to the public.

Martin Newbold


Friends of Speckled Wood Management Trust