Planning applications - too many council inaccuracies

Splashed across the front page of the Sussex Express (December 20, Newhaven edition) was the headline “Housing plans for coastal towns unveiled”.

Because the proposals appeared to involve land very close to my own property, I made use of the Lewes District Council on-line facilities to examine the in-depth information about the proposals.

As would appear usual, whoever at Lewes District Council is involved in dealing with local planning applications/proposals, has not actually bothered to visit the site in person, or looked at local maps, but has simply taken “as read” (and therefore correct), the information placed in front of them. This quite often appears to be the case and results in the published information containing completely incorrect details.

In the case of “Housing plans for coastal towns unveiled”, one of the proposals shown on the map published on the LDC website, is an area of land defined thus “NH/A06 SITE AT HILL ROAD AND FAIRHOLME ROAD”. However, the defined area on the map is nowhere near Hill Road. Hill Road is in fact situated about a quarter of a mile north of that map position.

I say “as usual” above because some two years ago a planning application was submitted for the area of land now defined on the published proposals as NH/A20 LAND EAST OF HILL ROAD.

In the planning application of two years ago, it quoted that same area of land as fronting onto Fairholme Road, whereas in fact it fronts onto The Crescent, so once again the planning officers at Lewes District Council appear not to have actually bothered to visit the site in person or looked at local maps.

I suggest therefore that if the persons involved in making decisions about planning applications are to “earn their keep”, they should be doing their job properly.

R Beckett