Plans are a waste of money

It is disappointing to read that money is to be wasted on a temporary solution to the prolonged agony of Bottle Alley.

This little used, depressing area of very little architectural merit with its eau de urine aroma is no good when the sun shines or when the gales blow having lost its weatherboarding years ago.

A far better use of this money would be to cut away the seafront pavement (which nobody uses) and the flower beds (which no one sees) to accommodate diagonal parking as Eastbourne has.

This would greatly increase the popularity of the area. A value for money, daily parking fee (now I am being silly) could be introduced thereby allowing easy access to the beach during the summer as, at present this part of the beach is little used.

The council was quick enough to demolish the Sidney Little chalets at the old bathing pool end of the prom. These were replaced with flimsy garden sheds (could there still be a hidden agenda for the bathing pool area I wonder?)

The council is now prepared to waste money on perhaps what is the biggest public toilet in Europe.

Richard Jenyon

St Helens Wood Road