Plans for Vicarage Lane: we already have plenty of houses and empty shops - why build more?

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I read with some trepidation the article in Sussex Express, dated January 25, regarding the proposed plan for Vicarage Field in Hailsham.

I see there are plans for apartments, houses and shops, really!

Does Hailsham need any more houses?

As for shops, well, there are empty premises in the town now, why build more?

Nothing is said about the state of some of the roads and footpaths in and around Hailsham.

My other concern is the plan to relocate the Medical Centre to Battle Road.

Surely a vital facility like that should be in the town centre, accessible to all.

What about the elderly, infirm, people without transport, mothers with small children?

Are they expected to struggle down Battle Road, which has little or no public transport?

Perhaps some arrangement could be agreed to, that maybe houses and apartments could be in Battle Road, and the Medical Centre built in Vicarage Field instead.

Maybe it has already been planned, surely it is not beyond the talents of the powers that be to make some changes?

Work has not yet been started. Food for thought?

June Cruse,

Swan Road,