Please don’t close the tip at Cradle Hill

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I am sure I speak for all residents and other voluntary organisations in Seaford when I implore East Sussex County Council not to close the tip at Cradle Hill.

To do so will not only encourage fly-tipping but will put too much of a strain on the roadside recycling services offered by Lewes District Council as cardboard mounts up along with garden waste and other day-to-day rubbish that residents currently willingly and gratefully take to this well-run site – an example of robbing Peter to pay Paul if ever there was one.

To ask people to waste fuel by driving to Newhaven is an imposition and will also tax the services provided for that town as queues inevitably build up.

I would also ask ESCC to consider how closing the tip will affect amenities like Seaford Community Garden whose volunteers wheelbarrow non-compostable waste all the way from the Crouch Gardens to Cradle Hill, and East Blatchington Pond Conservation Society whose members also on occasion wheel goods such as bikes and supermarket trolleys from the pond, into which they have been dumped, to the tip.

Wheeling items from Seaford to Newhaven is taking things literally a step too far.

At a time when we are rightly being asked to recycle what we can it is surely wrong even to be considering closing our tip. This ridiculous proposal should be scrapped now.

Andrea Hargreaves