Please restrict feeding of animals and birds to private gardens

Please could those well meaning but misguided people who put/throw food out for animals and birds in public spaces keep this unhygienic and questionable practice to their own gardens where they can enjoy the sight of wildlife eating the food – if you can’t, why do it? or STOP doing it, because:

If it is mouldy it is potentially dangerous to the animals/birds who eat it;

It encourages rats, foxes & seagulls to – quite understandably – frequent areas where this is done – on the seafront in particular. Seagulls flock aggressively to thrown food;

Some of these animals/birds carry viruses that can be transmitted to household pets and humans from this food or just from the presence of the wild animals/birds eating it;

Not all dogs or cats will resist eating food on the ground; attempts to maintain a healthy diet by their owners can be sabotaged and pleasant walks ruined by having to deal with thrown food that is often wet, dirty and mouldy.

Sarah Playforth