PM is playing politics with our piers

I am writing because, like so many other people in Hastings we are disappointed to see that Cameron has decided to play politics with our piers. Of course we all feel for the people and businesses of Eastbourne, we know what it’s like to lose our pier, but using £2 million of taxpayers’ money really smells like desperate vote buying in a Lib-Dem/Conservative marginal.

The two piers were different, but our pier was in the middle of getting Charity Status and fundraising for rebuilding it when it was sadly burnt down. Also, unlike Hastings Pier, Eastbourne’s Pier was properly insured, so any damage done in Eastbourne will be rightly recouped by their insurance company. In the immediate aftermath, Hastings was left to fend for itself and it’s only the hard work of local people who have got it back on its feet. Makes you wonder whether David Cameron has just given up on Hastings?

Terri Dowling

Church Road

St Leonards