Polegate Residents Association not listening to public opinion

How delightful it must be for readers to see political discourse in your letters section.

With the emergence of UKIP and the ability of their representatives to say what they think (a correction to Cllr Clewett’s false assertion) it is a trend that I hope can be encouraged.

I should take from Cllr Clewett’s statement that he will be joining UKIP as well, being so wedded to the idea of voting as he would wish – a plank of UKIP thinking.

In fact, he has hit on one of the reasons I left the Conservative Party.

Polegate Town Council is just a small part of the great democratic infrastructure that is supposed to ensure local representation. What I was aghast at in my previous letter was the scant regard some of the councillors held for the wishes of the public.

The majority of the Polegate Residents’ Association councillors have been the ones who blocked the village green status for the war memorial ground; have left a building empty and devoid of investment or use for years; spent tens of thousands of taxpayers’ pounds on the aforementioned points and then have the audacity to push for the same site to be extended to be used as council offices.

I certainly did not misinterpret the meeting of June 17. The purpose was all too clear. Against the wishes of the public, the majority of the PRA voted to include, as an option to be looked at, the extension and use of the war memorial field as a council office site.

They also struck out looking at using the existing council buildings in the High Street. When the war memorial option was not identified as the town clerk’s preferred option, a PRA member asked for a “second best option”, perhaps hoping for the war memorial site to be identified.

The purpose of the June 17 meeting was to pave the way for the war memorial site to be seen as the best solution. The majority of the PRA voted to remove the solution with lowest cost implications (the current High Street offices) from the options, and then endorsed the war memorial proposal fully.

Not only is this a betrayal of the gift of that land, it makes a mockery of the idea that the PRA are not a party. They are a political party; one that does not listen to the people of Polegate, will spend £1000s fighting the people of Polegate and have presided over the decline of our shops and infrastructure in Polegate. Let us hope that other groups can offer Polegate an alternative, groups that can make a difference, groups like UKIP.

Cllr Edward Board

UKIP Polegate