Polegate windfarm - too much nimbyism?

PERHAPS the Polegate windfarm is being opposed by people who are against ANY industry. No Industry In My BackYard! Lewes used to have an ironworks – imagine the fuss if another were proposed.

Things need to be made, and energy produced, somewhere. Why should industry have to happen in other places?

A windfarm is a lot cleaner than a coal-fired power station, and less scary than nuclear. It is not the total solution, but it can help, as can photovoltaic panels, anaerobic digestion, superinsulation, clean wood-burning, hydroelectricity, tidal power and so on.

I would like to look at all the sites where we had windmills in the past, with a view to generating there now.

The Kingston windmill which is being restored is very noticeable from miles away, yet it is not opposed because it is traditional. Sussex currently contributes very little to the national supply of energy – this is something we can do, and we should.

We need all the electrical power we can get, plus all we can do to conserve energy, in order to reduce further damage to the climate, avoid risky energy such as fracking, and have a reasonable lifestyle in the future.

It is likely that energy supplies will become scarcer and much more expensive.

Even though some people are very sceptical about these threats, there is a large risk of their materialising.

We insure against much lower risks, such as burglary. We should therefore have an open mind towards solutions, and start on them while we can still afford the energy to manufacture the equipment.

Ann Link,