police commissioner - Public need to reach out as well

I feel for the PCC candidates, I really do. My impression is that over the past few weeks they all worked hard to try and reach people but 85% of us did not turn out and vote. Personally, I didn’t like the concept of the head of the police being even semi-political but I held my breath and voted.

One of the stated aims of the PCC is to bring a public voice to policing. The election should have been the big bang that started this but it was barely even a whimper. This leaves the successful candidate, Katy Bourne, with a real mountain to climb. She has a duty to reach out to everyone in Sussex but we have a duty to reach back. I hope that local media like the Sussex Express plays its part, not by providing a medium for the PCC to broadcast from but by helping her to listen to us.

Wendy Tagg