Policy of freezing energy bills is no long-term answer to energy crisis

I’m sure that Councillor Susan Murray and Caroline Lucas MP are able to speak for themselves, but Philippa Thompson’s letter (February 14) deserves other replies.

Her contribution, which I have to say reads more like the sentiments of a Labour apparatchik from Central Casting than those of a concerned local citizen, queries the Green Party’s commitment to opposing fracking.

While it is pleasing to see the Labour Party finally, on the face of it, taking on board some of its concerns, perhaps Philippa Thompson might recall that the Green Party has, since its foundation, opposed in principal the use of technology which is likely to cause permanent damage to the environment and people’s health and livelihoods, and has long advocated policies favouring renewable sources of energy.

While freezing energy bills for two years may well bring short-term financial relief to hard-pressed families, such sound-bite policies are no answer to the long-term problems facing contemporary societies. Neither is fracking, whatever safeguards the Labour Party thnks it will be able to insist on.

Ralph Grillo